Gaming Panels

Slide decks for gaming panels I’ve given:

“Awesome Tabletop Games” / “Board and Card Gaming 201”Have you dipped your toe into the tabletop gaming waters, but need some help navigating the vast expanse of board and card games out there? We’ll give some tips on how to identify the types of games you enjoy and recommend some lesser-known board games!

“Otaku Board and Card Gaming” – A version of “Board and Card Gaming 201” for anime conventions.

“A Tabletop Game Mechanics Primer” – What can a video game designer learn from tabletop games? This talk will discuss the overlap between analog and digital game mechanics. For those new to the hobby, I’ll cover some of the categories and genres of modern board and card games. I’ll also highlight particular games that are good examples of these genres or have interesting implementations of certain mechanics.