Apparently, I am a shining example of self-loathing

It appears, at least from my web stats, that I’ve been linked by a fairly popular blog. The intro to SharePoint development talk I gave at ETNUG a couple of years ago, “SharePoint For Developers Who Hate SharePoint” was linked as an example of Micro$oft’s Dirty Secret: SharePoint Sucks on a Lotus Notes blog.

I find this kind of ironic, mainly because I’m not really a polemic as far as software platforms go. (Heck, I’m OK with anything so long as it works and you’re not so high on the corporate Kool-Aid you can’t recognize the inherent weaknesses as well as the strengths.) And the title of the talk is sort of ironic, because so much of the suck is related to misuse. For all it’s quirks I think I can still do a good job with SharePoint.