Upcoming Panels (3/29/2015)

MTAC, Nashville, TN, April 3-5

  • Game Development for Fun (and not profit)Friday, 10am – How to get into game development as a hobbyist. We’ll focus on some examples of 2D games in Unity (a cross-platform game dev tool), other tools that are available (some free), and how to find the support and motivation you need to get involved.
  • Otaku Board and Card GamingSaturday, 5:15pm – A discussion of tabletop games that were either originally designed in Japan, or have otaku-related themes. We’ll also talk about a bit about types of game mechanics and the genres these games fit into.
  • “Learn to Play” sessionsTBD – I’ll be in Analog Gaming demoing various board and card games.

MomoCon, Atlanta, GA, May 28-31

  • Tabletop Game Mechanics for Video Game DevsThursday, 5pm – What can a video game designer learn from tabletop games? This talk will discuss the overlap between analog and digital game mechanics. For those new to the hobby, I’ll cover some of the categories and genres of modern board and card games. I’ll also highlight particular games that are good examples of these genres or have interesting implementations of certain mechanics.
  • Replacing Your RPG Habit with Board GamesThursday, 11pm – RPGs used to be a part of your life, but between scheduling conflicts and being a responsible adult, you just don’t have time anymore! We’ll talk about why we play RPGs, and how simpler games that require less out-of-game preparation can fulfill those same roles.
  • Board Gaming 201Saturday, 2pm – Have you dipped your toe into the tabletop gaming waters, but need some help navigating the vast expanse of board and card games out there? We’ll give some tips on how to identify the types of games you enjoy and recommend some lesser-known board games!
  • Game Development for Fun (and not profit)Saturday, 5pm

HamaCon, Huntsville, AL, June 26-28

  • [WSIG]: The Tabletop Game Recommendation PanelTBD – A panel discussion on board gaming, inspired by /r/boardgames. Tell us what you like, and we’ll tell you What you Should Get.
  • Analog Gaming – This will be my first full con as Analog Gaming director, and I’ll be stocking the board game library and running “Learn to Play” sessions throughout the con.