Upcoming Panels (September 2017)

Anime Weekend Atlanta, September 28-October 1, 2017

  • RPG Maker Scripting Crash Course (Saturday, 7pm, CGC 106) – Learn the basics of customizing your RPG Maker VX Ace game using Ruby scripting.
  • Otaku Board and Card Gaming (Saturday, 5:30pm, CGC 105) – A discussion of tabletop games that were either originally designed in Japan or have otaku-related themes. We’ll also talk about a bit about types of mechanics/genres these games fit into.

DevSpace, Huntsville, AL, October 13-14, 2017

  • Game Dev for Business Developers – With the rise of engines like Unity, the languages and tools available for game development often overlap with those used in web and desktop development. Conceptually, however, it’s a completely different world. We’ll discuss some of the key differences to help ease the transition into the world of hobbyist game development.
  • Finishing Your Unity Game – For game jammers and hobbyist devs, the process of releasing a game may seem like an afterthought compared to designing and building it–right up until you realize everything you need to do before you can finally click “Build” or “Submit”. This session will cover the easy-to-forget steps and last-minute decisions so you can plan ahead.