WebSessions Log File Analyzer

What It Is

WebSessions is a program used to analyze your web traffic logs for individual user session information. It is made up of two parts: a log parser, and reporting.

See a demo.



Download WebSessions 0.2 (.tar.gz format)

Readme files are included that will explain how to install both the log parser and the reporting web application.

The Name

I’m sure the name WebSessions is probably already in use by a similar product,
so if anyone has suggestions for names, I’m taking them. If I use the name,
I’ll give you credit in the readme and on the site, with a link to your site.

Other Contributions

I’ve tested the features that are important to me on my website, so there’s a lot that hasn’t been tested at this point.

If you manage to run it on a platform I haven’t listed, let me know. I’ll
update the requirements and also try to fix/document any gotchas you run into.

If you run into a Python traceback or a PHP error, send me a copy of the
error message. This will help me to fix the issue.

If you improve upon the ignored user agents, ignored hostnames, search
referrers, etc., let me know and I’ll roll it into the example config files.


Creative Commons License

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0