TTRPG Sessions

All sessions should run in about 4 hours and (aside from one-page RPGs) include pregenerated characters.

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

A Troubled Crossing

A party of 4th level adventurers is sent on a covert mission to investigate a mysterious disappearance, perhaps saving a beleaguered kingdom from an unnecessary war.

A Dark Flight

A party of 5th level adventurers takes a job to guard a small airship on a routine cargo flight. However, their journey takes an unexpected turn over a rustic mountain range.


Ryuutama is a Japanese honobono (“heartwarming”) fantasy RPG focused on stories about journeys. Available pregenerated characters:

The Annual Delivery

As young adventurers from a quiet farming village, take your first journey into the wider world by leading a trade caravan into the city.

A Mysterious Tune

Investigate a strange, haunting music heard near some old druidic ruins just outside a small mountain town.

One-Page RPGs

A Weekend at Camp Oostanaula (Be Prepared)

It’s a lovely fall weekend in the 1990’s, and you are a pack of teenagers headed to a small scout camp in east Tennessee. But beware, for horror lurks out here in the wilderness.

Using Grant Howitt’s free one-page RPG Be Prepared, you’ll play a character, an NPC, and get to take control of how the story unfolds.

Run at: MomoCon 2023