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TTRPG Adventures & Supplements

I’ve released several free TTRPG adventures and supplements on Homebrewery (formatting works best with Chrome or Edge). All of these are fan-made content and not associated with the authors of the original games.

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Wilderness Encounters (supplement)

  • Plot hooks and alternate rules to make wilderness feel either more desolate or cozier.
  • Includes extra rules for travel injuries; working with pack animals; traversing water; hunting, foraging, and fishing (as palate-cleansing scenes between the action); trapping; and hunting huge, legendary game using traps and other tools.

A Troubled Crossing (adventure)

  • Published as Community Content on DMs Guild; original draft still available on Homebrewery
  • A party of 4th level adventurers investigates a strange disappearance for a beleaguered kingdom, and perhaps prevents a war.
  • Designed as a standalone adventure that can be run in one session. A mix of intrigue, horror, and wilderness exploration.

A Dark Flight (adventure)

  • Published as Community Content on DMs Guild; original draft still available on Homebrewery
  • A party of 5th level adventurers takes a job to guard a small airship on a routine cargo flight. However, their journey takes an unexpected turn over a rustic mountain range.
  • Designed as a standalone adventure. A mix of action and horror.

Crown Jewel Heist (short campaign)

  • A party of 3rd level adventurers are recruited by various crime syndicates for a rather complicated job.
  • Designed as a short campaign where players:
    • must decide between conflicting offers
    • have complete freedom on how to plan and execute the heist
    • could play a team of rogues; a plot hook allows an Arcane Trickster or other hybrid caster archetype access to extra spells
  • The epilogue provides several plot hooks for stretching this short campaign into a larger one.

A Winter in Valles (short campaign)

  • A horror-themed “whodunit” for a party of 1st level adventurers. Snows have trapped the party in a small mountain city where grisly murders happened during the last full moon.
  • Designed as a “bottle episode” adventure where players have multiple possible leads, freedom to pursue their own theories, and a looming deadline.

Wolf’s Tome of Minor Artifacts (supplement)

  • Magic items for D&D 5e with a small minor effect, suitable for giving to low-level characters for flavor.
  • D&D 5e-specific version published as Community Content on DMs Guild; D&D 5e & Ryuutama version still available on Homebrewery.
  • Conceptually, these are artifacts whose origins have been forgotten, but have been scattered by a previous civilization or taken out of ruins by adventurers. Designed to be:
    • Balanced for low levels: either very low-powered or have a high risk/reward trade-off
    • Simple: Does not require attunement (D&D 5e) or spellcasting ability to use (though some may have extra effects when spell slots or MP are spent)


The Annual Delivery (adventure)

  • A party of new adventurers first leaves their small farming village and journeys out into the wider world.
  • A standalone adventure focused on travel that can be used as an introduction to the game. Designed to be run in one session and fairly modular (so that a gamemaster can add or remove scenes as necessary).
  • Published on and DriveThruRPG; original draft still available on Homebrewery.

A Mysterious Tune (adventure)

  • Discover the secret of an eerie music coming from the druidic ruins outside of town.
  • An adventure that can be a standalone or an introduction to a town. Fairly short mix of exploration, dungeon delving, and combat.
  • Published on and DriveThruRPG; original draft still available on Homebrewery.

Wolf’s Dragonica (work-in-progress, supplement)

  • A collection of homebrew content and variant rules I’ve created for my current Ryuutama campaign.
  • Introduces rules for traps and tools that can be used in combat against massive monsters.
  • Adds a “Campsite Activities” system for creating abilities that function like Herb Gathering and Hunting.

Other Systems

A Weekend at Camp Oostanaula (adventure / setting)

  • A troop of scouts faces off against the horrors of the woods in east Tennessee
  • System-agnostic. Originally written as a setting for Grant Howitt’s Be Prepared micro RPG. Since this game allows players to take control of the story, this setting provides two possible plot hooks based in Tennessee folklore that the gamemaster (depending on what paths the players choose).
  • Published on and DriveThruRPG; original draft still available on Homebrewery.

Hillbilly Improv (micro-RPG)

  • You’re out in the woods of Tennessee hunting the dreaded Wumpusquatch with your team of hillbilly cryptid hunters. Except you’re not hillbillies and you know there’s no such thing as a Wumpusquatch. Because you’re filming a reality TV show.
  • A micro RPG inspired by the Bigfeets podcast (fan content–I’m not affiliated with them). Designed to capture the feel of the podcast’s theory of how cryptid hunting reality shows really work, with a team of hunters “yes, and”-ing lore on the fly.