Knoxville, TN

Hiking Trails: Loyston Point

Near: Knoxville, TN (north)

Trails: The trails I’ve hiked here are:

  • Point 19 Trail (1.5 miles): Ends on a stretch of beach (which, at low water levels, offers some significant area for exploration).
  • Hemlock Bluff Trail (2.5 miles): A foot-traffic only trail that runs from the end of the Point 19 trail to the middle of the Loyston Loop trail. The far end of the trail has several steep switchbacks, but some good views of the lake. It’s narrow in places, and was a little tough to follow when I hiked it due to leaves on the ground (although it’s well marked with signs and blaze).
  • Loyston Loop Trail (5.3 miles): Directly connected to the trailhead and linked to most of the other trails. Lots of bike traffic when I hiked part of it (which seemed to all go counter-clockwise; I was walking the other direction so it wasn’t hard to avoid).

This is a small recreation across Norris Lake from Big Ridge State Park, and east of Norris Dam State Park.

One thing to note: hunting is allowed in the area, so be careful.

Trailhead: On Club House Drive in Andersonville, TN (there are signs pointing the way, but Google Maps only seems to mark Hemlock Bluff Small Wild Area). The trailhead itself sits between the day use area and a boat ramp; it’s behind the sign and restroom near the parking lot.

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