Knoxville, TN

Hiking Trails: Panther Creek State Park

Near: Morristown, TN

Trails: There are a number of different trails that are marked for foot, bike, and/or horse riding. The trails I have hiked are:

  • Point Lookout Trail (1.9 miles): Accessible from either the Spoone recreation area parking (via the Seven Sinkholes trail), or a short walk from the recreation area further down the road.
  • Cherokee Lake Trail: A short trail off of the Point Lookout trail that leads to the lake shore.
  • Seven Sinkholes Trail (0.6 miles): Accessible from the Spoone recreation area. The trail runs between the various sinkholes, so it’s not necessarily a clear loop. The connection to the Point Lookout loop wasn’t easy to find and didn’t have a clear sign from the Seven Sinkholes side; it’s the large trail toward the back of the loop (which could be mistaken for a road at first).

Points of Interest:

  • Point Lookout: A lookout over a few small islands in Cherokee Lake.
  • Cherokee Lake: The trail off the Point Lookout trail gives access to the lake shore. The water was low when I hiked the trail, so there was a fairly steep beach along the lake which you could follow along the shoreline.
  • Sinkholes: The seven sinkholes are marked by signs.

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