Knoxville, TN

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Game Development Panels

From Game Jam to App Store / Finishing Your Unity Game

For game jammers and hobbyist devs, the process of releasing a game may seem like an afterthought compared to designing and building it–right up until you realize everything you need to do before you can finally click “Build” or “Submit”. This session will cover the easy-to-forget steps and last-minute decisions so you can plan ahead.

Presented at: DevSpace 2017

Game Dev for Business Developers

With the rise of engines like Unity, the languages and tools available for game development often overlap with those used in web and desktop development. Conceptually, however, it’s often a completely different world. We’ll discuss some of the key differences to ease the transition into the world of hobbyist game development.

Presented at: DevSpace 2017

Game Development for Fun (and not profit)

How to get into game development as a hobbyist. We’ll focus on some examples of 2D games in Unity (a cross-platform game dev tool), other tools that are available (some free), and how to find the support and motivation you need to get involved.

Presented at: GMX 2015, MTAC 2016, MomoCon 2016-2017

Intro to Unity 2D Toolkit

We’ll cover the 2D Toolkit and 2D Platform Controller from the Unity Asset Store, look at some demos, and see how they can be combined to create a side-scrolling platformer.

OpenIAB: Accepting in-app payments in Unity mobile games

Setting up in-app payments in Unity can be confusing if you’re new to mobile app stores, even with a cross-platform, open-source plugin like OpenIAB. We’ll cover the basic concepts of in-app payments on Android and iOS, an example of configuring apps and products in an app store, and setting up OpenIAB in Unity.

Presented at: CodeStock 2014

RPG Maker VX Ace Scripting Crash Course

Learn the basics of customizing your RPG Maker VX Ace game using Ruby scripting.

Presented at: AWA 2017, Hamacon 2017, Hamacon Minicon 2017, MTAC 2017, SeishunCon 2017, MomoCon 2019

Tabletop Mechanics for Video Game Designers

What can a video game designer learn from tabletop games? This talk will discuss the overlap between analog and digital game mechanics. For those new to the hobby, I’ll cover some of the categories and genres of modern board and card games. I’ll also highlight particular games that are good examples of these genres or have interesting implementations of certain mechanics.

Presented at: GMX 2015, MomoCon 2016

Gaming Panels

Board and Card Gaming 201 / Tabletop games under $20

Have you dipped your toe into the tabletop gaming waters, but need some help navigating the vast expanse of board and card games out there? We’ll give some tips on how to identify the types of games you enjoy and recommend some lesser-known board games!

Presented at: AkaiCon 2014, Anime Blast Chattanooga 2013-2014, GMX 2013, Hamacon 2013, Hamacon Minicon 2014, MomoCon 2014-2014

Otaku Board and Card Gaming

A discussion of tabletop games that were either originally designed in Japan, or have otaku-related themes. We’ll also talk about a bit about types of game mechanics and the genres these games fit into.

Presented at: AWA 2014 & 2017, Hamacon 2017, MomoCon 2017-2018, MTAC 2014 & 2016-2017, SeishunCon 2014 & 2017

Replacing Your D&D Habit with Board Gaming

RPGs used to be a part of your life, but between scheduling conflicts and being a responsible adult, you just don’t have time anymore! We’ll talk about why we play RPGs, and how simpler games that require less out-of-game preparation can fulfill those same roles.

Presented at: GMX 2015

Other Panels

Drawing with Inkscape

A brief introduction to Inkscape, free/open source vector graphics software, as a complement to other art programs like Photoshop or GIMP. Covers some of the basic functions, with some thoughts about how to build your technique around them.

Presented at: Anime Blast Chattanooga 2013-2014, GMX 2013, Hamacon 2013-2014, Momocon 2014